Cedar Sales & Marketing Services - new marketing opportunitiesOffering you the perfect partnership

Our role is to represent and manage your brand through appointed distributors, across some or all of the Middle East markets. This enables you to focus on your domestic and core business whilst cost efficiently pursuing a geographical expansion strategy.

Distributors in the Middle East and developing markets require close administration and direction with regular visits and frequent communication at all levels within their organization. Cedar will manage your business cost efficiently through locally based offices with easy access to all major markets in the Middle East.

We provide cultural awareness in developing your marketing strategies and advice on local packaging and product regulatory compliance.


Your business. Your opportunity.

At Cedar we are proud of our ability to formulate plans relevant to both your business and the market within which you operate. We take excellence as a given and our tailor-made marketing strategies are designed specifically to meet your sales objectives.


Marketing not trading

Cedar only work with clients who understand the need to build brands, not those companies interested in short-term trading opportunities.